Marcel metal roofing

  • Total width1210 mm
  • Cover width1160 mm
  • Module length350 mm
  • Fold height25 mm
  • Wave height51 mm
  • Type of coatingsZn (zinc) + PE (polyester) 25 μm / РЕМА (mat polyester) 35 μm


Marcel metal roofing is a new modern shaped type of metal roofing that makes it stand out from other shapes of roofs and still look typical.

Its unique shape consists of 6 waves with additional pressing on every peak. This additional line has esthetic function of creating distinctive look as well as reinforcing function.

Marcel metal roofing by Arsenal-Center can be produced in sheets up to 8 meters as well as in modular sizes 2-modulars long with 3-d cut at both sides.

Every year demand for metal roofing is going up due to list of advantages: light weight, best range of colors, easy to install, durable and 100% recyclable.

Today Marcel metal roofing by Arsenal-Center can be purchased in any of our 40 offices all over Ukraine. We can guarantee 48 hours of order production in addition to best range in colors, different types of coating and steel to choose from.

Raw materials


Galvanized steel with a polymer decorative protective coating

Zinc plating 80 grsq.m

Steel substrate hot dip and color coated. Zinc substrate range from 60g/m2 to 100g/m2. Color coating 25 microns.

Guarantee 30 yearsguarantees

Steel substrate hot dip and color coated. Mat coating has distinctive more distinctive look created by less gloss and specific pattern on the surface. Zinc substrate range from 120g/m2 to 275g.m2. Color coating 35 microns

Thickness 35 mkmthickness


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