Aqueduct Steel Rain Gutter System


In Europe 80% of all installed rain gutters are made from steel. Despite of higher cost benefits are numerous: durability, UV-stability, thermal stability, fire safety, environment friendly and thus resulting in 50 years of service.

Advantages of Steel Rain Gutter System Aqueduct

  • долговечность
    Super Durability50 years warranty
  • оборудование-из-Швейцарии
    Swedish steelGreen Coat from SSAB
  • не-вігорает
    Seven colorsAlways in stock
  • сірье
    UV-stabilityPaint coating doesn’t fade
  • лёд
    Structural strengthNo damage from ice or snow
  • єко
    Environment friendlyFull compliance with ISO 14001
  • термостойкость
    Thermal stabilityBest performance among different materials
  • простота-монтажа
    Easy to installLike Lego
  • пожаробезопасность
    Fire safetyCompliance with ISO 1716

Arsenal-Center chose one of the best producers of rain gutters – Aqueduct Ltd., Urkaine.

Aqueduct is Ukrainian-Finnish joint venture producing premium half round steel rain gutter systems since March 2011.

Aqueduct uses only best-proven practices of European producers, cutting edge machineries and best raw materials for its steel rain gutters systems. The main criterion of Aqueduct team is customer’s satisfaction through the best service and quality provided.

Aqueduct rain gutter system is fully complied with quality standards as EN 10169. Company takes honor in making the best product possible.

Every tenth steel rain gutter system sold in Ukraine is produced by Aqueduct.

Aqueduct half round rain gutter systems are successfully exported to European (Poland, Lithuania, Finland) and CIS (Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan) countries.