Metal roofing tiles is nowadays the most cutting edge and diverse type of roofing material. This roofing can be used in any climate zone or environment. The diversity of surfaces, shapes  and colors and super lightweight makes metal roofing number one choice among all other roofing materials.



Advantages of steel metal tiles from Arsenal-Center

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    LightweightEasy installation
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    Green roofing100% recyclable

Metal roofing tiles is the most diverse type of roofing materials on the market

Vast range of colors (both RAL and RR color charts) and different types and looks of paint in addition to four types of geometrical forms gives one best range of design solutions and opportunities to customize look of your roofing to ensure match with rest of the building and underline the uniqueness.

Metal roofing tiles are produced from sheet of galvanized  metal and coated in paint during continuous process. Steel has low weight (1 m2 of metal tiles weight just 4 kg) thus degreasing requirements and therefore expenses on bear structure of building as foundation, walls and rafter. In addition roofing installation doesn’t require special lifting mechanisms and can be easily installed as minimum as by two contractors.

Steel is a flameproof material that has self-extinguishing characteristics.

Metal roofing by Arsenal-Center is tailored to individual roof size to ensure minimal waste of material and thus best price.

Steel has great thermal stability and it can be installed all year around.

At the end of its life span metal roofing can be 100% recycled.

Arsenal-Center has numerous stock of steel in different colors and matching everyone’s budget.

Arsenal-Center metal roofing tiles will serve for many years to come. Our maximum warranty that we provide covers all our roofs for 30 years. However real life span of those roofs can will be in range of 60-100 years.

Clients can visit one of our 40 offices and see samples of steel and roofing types we are offering. Our qualified team will gladly give you extensive guidance and calculate required quantity of material based on your drawings.

Today our company is ready to offer you four different shapes of metal roofing tiles: Arsenal, Barcelona, Marcel, Munich.

In addition all our roofing is 100% recyclable.