Production facilities

Arsenal-Center is the company with laregest network of factories in key areas of Ukraine.

All 11 factories are total up to 70 000 m2 of production floors equipped with most hi-end roll forming lines from Finland and Italy. This makes Arsenal Center sole company capable of producing roofing or wall materials with utmost precision, quality and design. The quality that can match any producer anywhere.

Extensive range of 100 machineries can produce best range of products on Ukraine market that can satisfy most needs for residential and commercial construction.

Four types of metal roofing tiles:

  • Arsenal
  • Barcelona with 3-D cut
  • Marcel with 3-D cut
  • Munich

Ten types of trapezoid panels:

  • Wall panels: WP-8, WP-10, WP-15, WP-20
  • Roofing panels: RP-35, RP-45, RP-57
  • Structural trapezoid panels: SP-60, SP-75, SP-100

Fourth generation sandwich panel lien capable of producing:

  • Roofing insulation panels (two types) capable of withstanding 90 minutes of fire
  • Wall insulation panels (six types) capable of withstanding 60 minutes of fire

Standing seam machinery

Siding machinery

Automatic slitting lines

Profiles lines capable of producing range of profiles for multiple purposes: reinforcement, small construction, for gypsum ceiling and etc.

Automatic sheet metal folding machineries

In 2017 Arsenal-Center established two new factories in Belaya Tserkov and Uman. Those factories are equipped with machineries that produce metal roofing tiles and trapezoid sheets.