Trapezoid Panels

Roofing and facade materials

Trapezoid panels provide economical and universally applicable solution for today’s contraction needs. All trapezoid panels can be used over solid substrates either with or without insulation as well as open framing with support members.

Advantages of Trapezoid Panels

  • kachestvo
    Best cost per m2of wall or roof
  • pojar
    Fireproofdo not flammable
  • komplekt
    Universally applicable

Production of Trapezoid Panels

Range of application for trapezoid panels is vast: fences, wall, roofing, soffit, structural base for concrete floors.

In addition, the price per square meter will be unmatched by any other alternative for roofing or walls.

Arsenal-Center divides eleven different types of trapezoid panels produced on three groups based on the most common use of every panel. Number indicates height of the rib in millimeters.

Type: Roofing Trapezoid Panels, Wall Trapezoid Panels, Structural Trapezoid Panels.