XXI century requires erection of a new buildings or renovation old ones to be swift, durable, safe from fire, environment friendly and energy efficient. The later becoming is the most crucial aspect due to increasing cost of natural resources. Very few building materials can match all above-mentioned characteristics and even offer more. One of the most popular construction materials of this sort in the world now is insulated metal panel.

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Roofing Insulated Metal Panels consist of three layers

Arsenal-Center is proudly presenting insulated metal panels produced in Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine since 2008.

Our factory is equipped with fully automatic continuous line capable of producing three-layer insulated metal panels of nine different shapes.

Arsenal sandwich panels are certified and fully in compliance with all standards on energy efficiency, load bearing capacity and fire safety. Superior in quality and durability will offer superior capabilities while providing a modern look for your building.

Our production is capable of producing insulated metal panels with two different types of insulation.

Mineral wool insulation

  1. Core of these panels is a mineral wool consists of basaltic fiber with synthetic subcomponent and hydrophobizated additive. All fibers have vertical orientation for additional durability and tear off prevention. Density characteristics: 95-100 kg/m3.Customers can choose between mineral wool from two producers Rockwool (Poland) or IZOVAT (Ukraine).
  1. Polystyrene foam insulation. Polystyrene is hard foamed thermosetting material consist of composition of evenly dispersed granules of microscopic hard cells of air. Density characteristics: 16-25 kg/m3